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The HEPM was established to focus specific attention on the needs of Hispanic Americans in all areas of federal employment. Here you will find information about Hispanic culture, activities, employment, recruitment, speakers and other helpful information.The pictures to the right are the 2003 Hispanic Heritage Month Posters for more information.  Both posters were printed on recycled paper.  There are two themes you may choose from:Honoring our Past, Bondage Gear, Surpassing our Present and Leading our Future” chosen by the National Council of HEPM’sand “One Culture, Many Races” chosen by HEPM’s voting on this website sexy Lingerie.


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The Hispanic Employment Program Managers Foundation strives to place quality scholars into the career they are looking for in as short a time as possible. Similarly, the HEPM attempts to provide information to member agencies which can help match them up with the right employee. We accept only the finest applicants, and then provide this information the potential employers.

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